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Birthday Parties

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CyberZone Parties

Looking for birthday party venues in Lee County for your big day? Don’t just settle when you can have the best party ever! CyberZone Entertainment Center has the dedicated party spaces and an expert planning team ready to accommodate birthday parties for kids and adults of all ages. Best of all, we have something for every guest - from your little one and their little friends, to big kids, teenagers, and grown ups, too. We know the best memories are made when every member of your group is having a good time. Book a party online now using the buttons on this page, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to customize a party package that will make your Guest of Honor one feel like a VIP on their special day! 

CyberZone Entertainment Center Amenities

Our 20,000 square foot facility is jam packed with Awesome Fun and a bundle of behind the scenes benefits that make it the best birthday party venue in Lee County. CyberZone Entertainment Center is a comprehensive event venue that offers a complete suite of amazing amenities for you and your party guests. 

Fun for Everyone

Unlike other birthday party places in the area, CyberZone Entertainment Center doesn’t just focus the fun on the little ones. All of our attractions are parent-friendly so that mom and dad, and other guests, can get in on the Fun as well. 

Safety and Simplicity

One of the most stressful elements of hosting a birthday party at your house is the liability that comes with childcare and safety. Parents want to socialize and enjoy the day as well, but any time a team of children is tumbling about, bumps and injuries can occur. It makes it extremely difficult to entertain parents, manage food, coordinate the big day, and closely monitor kids. Rather than trying to do-it-all, simply enjoy the day the way you want and allow CyberZone's extensive team of highly attentive and well-trained staff to teach kids how to safely play games and attractions as well as execute the different facets of your child's birthday party. All of our equipment is modern and checked frequently for safety standards. Our staff is always around to help keep kids safe and handle any accidents. Our facility is strictly vetted to ensure all guests are accounted for and children stay with the groups they came in with.
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Entertainment for all - where you can find diligence and devotion to providing a clean, safe, sanitized environment!

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CyberZone has new lower pricing. We want to continue to offer our community a safe, fun, clean entertainment venue where families and friends to enjoy their time, and that experience is even more affordable!
Arcade Game Play: Prices have all been lowered on all machines - come play in the largest arcade around! 
Laser Tag: Pricing lowered from $8.75 to $8.00 for the first game, from $7.75 to $7.00 for the second game, and our military/college discounted price has been lowered from $6.75 to $6.00 per game
Birthday Celebration: Our packages have been consolidated into one easy, per-person package with an entire event's worth of activities and no minimum guest requirement. Fantastic Flexible Fun!

And, our amazing online stimulus specials are still available to purchase below:

More than ever, your local businesses need your support. We have put together a few Stimulus Specials that our community can purhase now as a way to help support us during these uncertain times. All Game cards are only able to be used to play arcade games or purchase laser tag games.They cannot be combined with any other specials or offers, or used to purchase a weekday special product or food/drinks. 

Buy a $100 Game Card Online, Receive a $50 card for FREE.

Buy a $50 Game Card Online, Receive a $20 card for FREE.

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