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CyberZone Private Events are the perfect event for churches, corporations, parties and private groups. Instead of a paying by the person, you pay by the hour for unlimited, non-stop laser tag. It is the ideal party solution for 20 to 100 people.

Private Event rates start @ $350 an hour (plus tax). In that hour, your party gets unlimited, non-stop laser tag for up to 36 players at a time. Each game experience lasts approximately 20 minutes, and since each games holds 36 people, you can get 108 games of laser tag in every hour - Do the math, that is less than $3.25 a game (Regular rates: $8.75 a game). So remember to invite as many people as you can to your CyberZone Private Event, so that way you get the most value for your time!

Universities, Public & Private Schools, Churches, and other Non-Profit Organizations: Bring your tax exempt form to add savings and add value.

Private Events are available anytime outside of regular business hours, There is a 2-hour minimum unless your Private Event is scheduled for immediately before or after we close.

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